FPS Trust

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FPS Group has years of expertise in helping Advisors, Accountants, Corporations and Healthcare companies by providing services designed to ease the burden of merger and acquisition workloads by working on behalf of our clients to execute the plan for integrating or terminating the acquired retirement plan and facilitate a smooth transition for the affected employees and the remaining staff.

The word “unique” gets used a lot as a stand-in for “special” or “extraordinary”. The true meaning is “one of a kind”. FPS is one-of-a-kind; offering customized one-of-a kind solutions for each client. Being adaptive and agile is how we like to operate, using our innovative technology to problem solve for our clients that do not have the time or expertise to solve. When a solution does not exist, we build one custom to their situation. As a result, our clients receive the best solution for their situation and improve their efficiency and responsiveness that allows them to focus on growth and success.